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Anna van Doremalen


The essence of femininity is to absolutely love being a woman - Madonna

Since I was a little girl I have been a fan of clothes, especially more feminine pieces, and of course horses! There was a decisive period in my life when I worked as an international model in many parts of the world and gained a deeper insight into the world of fashion and design. There I was completely captivated by the creativity interwoven in the creation process. 

I was enchanted by many different styles, materials, and cuts. I have experienced wearing a lot of flashy, yet comfortable clothing as it is ingrained in me when choosing clothing such as sportswear. 
When playing sports, we tend to forget about our femininity and instead focus only on comfort.

One day it occurred to me that I would like to have my own clothing brand that would satisfy all needs. Where light materials and feminine cut lines are priority.
That's why I created the brand Philout Equestrian Clothing, so that we can always remain the true women we are with full comfort every day.


Sophistication and elegance are central to our brand. Besides innovative design we also offer great value for money. Our pieces are created with passion and great attention to detail, all the way from picking materials.

Philou is a whole new brand on the market, with a fully novel approach. This might raise the question what can we offer that other already existing brands can’t?!

We think it’s fresh momentum, the power of novelty, our inexhaustible passion, that we want to do better than the already existing brands. But most importantly, that we want to create something lasting in order to advance into an internationally recognized, excellent equestrian clothing brand in the name of timeless quality. We aim to create new market trends so that everyone can find the most comfortable pieces that match their personality and that stand out from the crowd. From picking materials to design and placing last buttons, the whole production process takes place in Europe under fully ethical working conditions.


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